The Inner Travel

"A unique experience"

The 5-Hours-Day, is carried between 10am and 3pm, following an extremely respectful protocol, created by Caroline Couronne in 2016. Total silence, deep introspection, more than 150 questions during 5 hours along the five steps of the Methodology, connecting to one’s inner-child, deep breathing, work with the hand and creativity, discovering one’s life mission, and starting the Dashboard Devenir Soi™. The 5-Hours-Day promises a deep inner travel experience, in a safe environment.

The 5-Hours-Day permits a deep self-understanding as well as a discovery of the actual world and the world to come. A true tool for introspection & prospective, this is a very powerful day, efficient, for top management and managers in the quest of understanding future stakes.

The 5-Hours-Day can only be carried by professionals with a deep self-awareness, large culture, and life experience. Today, only Caroline Couronne & Cecile Calé are delivering the sessions. ​

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